Sunday, April 24, 2011

Martha White Hot Rise Catheads

Scratch catheads smothered wit sawmill gravy ~ (sausage fresh ground/homemade) ... only thing I didn't do was milk the cow!

Hot out the oven

Din't pop no damn can to make these biscuits, no

Sweet butter and lard cut into the dough ~ pulled together wit a lil' buttermilk

Cook's snack


Ty Thorn said...

do you post the recipes?

Chez said...

nah, sorry ... i don't cook by recipes, therefore i don't have anything written down ... i just fly by the seat of my pants, never measure anything, etc. so to post a recipe, i would have to write everything down from memory. too time comsuming. i'll always answer a specific question, though ... if you keep it pithy! (g)