Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk ... Well Do Ya?

Going to the grill with some *habanero death dust* chicken thighs today ~ this is a great rub, made by my friend Mike @ Oakridge BBQ


Nick said...

I love all of the Oakridge rubs. I've made chicken wings on the WSM using the Habanero Death Dust several times now and they are always a big hit. Over the holidays, I cut a venison backstrap into 2" filets and grilled them using Mike's Venison rub. Awesome stuff.

Chez said...

hi nick, you're right ... they are all great rubs ... very fresh, high quality spices and they blend them very well. i've also tried all the others, but this is my first time with the HDD ... i grilled some chicken thighs with it today. very good heat balanced with sweet. i'll post some pics tomorrow.