Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fresh Bread Fer Stew Soppin'

Well, wit the weather gone nasty snowin & such ... I made a big ol' pot of beef stew wit some good beef sirloin and lotsa fresh hearty winter root veggies, thick and savory ~ but I needed a lil' bread fer soppin' so I hauled off and baked these yeast rolls. Amazing what you can do with a lil' flour and a hunger on ya, eh?
Doc & Dawg ~ What Is A Home Without Love


Unknown said...

As always, looking good, sir!

You really do excellent work with the camera presenting your finished products.


Chez said...

thanks podnah ~ i strive to NOT look contrived. gotta keep it real.

Anonymous said...

John, I need a good simple bread recipe. One a dummy like me can't mess up.
Can ya help a starvin ole man out


Chez said...

kenny, a good place to start would be the recipe for lambert's throwed rolls. you can google the recipe. if you can't find it, holler.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John. Seem's simple enough. I have three cast iron skilet's to season this weekend, so might just try my hand at some bread. I've tried bread with a starter, but the starter dies on me. grin


Anita said...

Beautiful rolls!