Monday, November 16, 2009

Have Yer Cake And Eat It Too

I Like Cake

Well, I hadda couple three ripe bananas so I hauled off and baked a lil' cake ... started out to be just a banana cake wit cream cheese frosting, but after I was done bobbin 'n weavin' it ended up being a banana/apple cake wit a wild sand plum/cream cheese frosting. Yeh, I licked the frosting bowl ... and the beaters ... and the spatula. My mama din't raise no fool...

Hadda couple granny smith apples, so i grated them into the banana cake batter ... and also put a couple big dollops of homemade wild plum jam in the frosting ~ dat's why the frosting got a slight purple tint to it.


Anita said...

I want cake! I want cake! That looks so good and moist.

Chez said...

i ain't much of a baker, $400P ~ but this cake turned out real good. sometimes i git lucky.