Friday, November 20, 2009

Muffaletta Cheese Spread

Cream cheese, dollop of dijon, lil' mayo, some homemade olive salad made wit good oil-cured olives, good aged semi-soft Jarlsberg cheese, pepperoni, hard salami & ham

The savory muffaletta components

The shredded Jarlsberg cheese

Mix, mix ... everything blended smooth ... then some seasoning added (oregano, black pepper and a few red pepper flakes)

Schmeared on some crunchy/chewy toasted Italian crostini wit a few stuffed oil-cured olives


Anonymous said...


Is that something that you have done in the past or is that a "clean out the refrigerator" creation?

It really does sound good!

Would you change anything after creating it, i.e., add something or change the proportions on something?


Chez said...

i've not made it before, but i've made traditional pimento cheese many times & this was just a riff on that. i am going to a friend's house for thanksgiving, and he loves muffalettas ... and they asked me to bring a cheese tray ... and i just happened to have some cream cheese & all the other ingredients on hand ... one thing led to another, badda boom ... muffaletta cheese spread was born. i think i'll shape it like a muffaletta & roll it in chopped pecans & make it a muffaletta cheese *log* and make it the center of my cheese tray to take to the party.