Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Morning Omelette

4-egg black olive, green pepper & Emmenthaler cheese omelette ~ sided up wit some good baked ham.

I'm a big fan of hot sauce on my eggs ... and as you can see in this pic, I had my trusty bottle of Texas Pete nearby & ready to go ... BUT ... this omelette tasted SO good (it was the Emmenthaler) that I din't even put one drop of hot sauce on it. In addition to the visable cheese that I sprinkled on top ... this omelette is also filled with cheese on the inside. Emmenthaler rocks!

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Unknown said...


The omelette looks oh, so good!

However, I guess I should ask why you like Texas Pete hot sauce compared to say... Tabasco hot sauce? What is the difference between the two? I have never tried Texas Pete, so I'm wondering what your take is on this.

Regardless, either one would be good with the omelette!

Is the Emmenthaler cheese a soft creamy type of cheese, that provides a creamy, moist texture to the omelette?

As always, your food pictures are "oh, my!"