Sunday, October 26, 2008

And When The Bough Breaks....

Dang ... this was a pisser ~ a HUGE limb broke off the big maple tree in my front yard earlier this afternoon ... and came crashing down on my garage & driveway. This is the same tree that I just had trimmed a couple weeks ago, so this exact thing would NOT happen. LOL It was a whopper ... I was sittin' in my living room about 10 feet away, watching a football game when it hit the house ~ scared the bejesus outta me!


Bill said...

DANG! Can't tell from the pics but I hope you didn't get any damage..

Reminds me, though .. We had this huge silver maple on the property line between us and our windward neighbors and every winter, it would dump on us. Winds are pretty damn strong coming off the river, up from Lake Erie. That last one took out a security light on the side of our house and ran it's trunk down the side of our house right between 2 windows. Most of that tree burned right nice in our fire place and the rest was some nice smoke wood :) There's still a couple huge and old maples over there and I keep my chain saw and log splitter at the ready for the next wind storm! LOL

Glad you're ok.


Chez said...

my guttering took a hit ~ was able to repair it, though. huge limb ~ prolly weighed a half ton ... glad it din't fall on me ~ dat woulda left a mark. (g)