Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Morning Smoke Session

OK ... it's 5 AM ... just put 2 big pork butts on the WSM ~ rubbed with Rib Stars and smokin' with maple chunks. Got some german stout/mustard sausage links, a coil of homemade sweet jap/cherry sausage, and a homemade apple/maple fattie going on pretty soon ... soon as I can git a couple cups of cawfee in me & a few more neurons start firin' ~ got half a notion to make a few bacon-wrapped watermelon rinds, too ... why? ... because I CAN, dat's why. I made these sweet watermelon rind pickles several months ago ... 'bout time i cracked open a jar of them, eh? God Bless America.

Jerry Garcia/David Grisman ~ Down In The Valley

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