Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pork Butts & Succotash

Well, succotash is one my favorite vegetables ... with bacon & onions, but this time it was especially good ~ kicked up with the addition of a handful of homemade sun-dried tomatoes. Put them fancy pot passers away, these ain't no fancy city vittles...

It's autumn, and that means it's sausage-making time ~ found these pork butts on sale yesterday $.99/lb so I backed up the truck & hauled off about 80# of them. Over the next few days, I'll be making homemade apple/maple breakfast sausage, andouille, texas hot links, italian sausage, some chorizo, and mebbe even make a lil' tasso while i'm at it. My grinder and stuffer gonna git a good workout, ah garrontee!!
Bachman Turner Overdrive ~ Gimme Your Money Please


Anonymous said...

Do you reccomend a good stuffer for home use?


Chez said...

i bought both my grinder, and my stuffer from northern tool ... good prices, and i've been very happy with both of them. i think their website is