Friday, October 24, 2008

Mighty Fine Grindin'

Mais ... I admit I was skeptical when I first heard about bacon-wrapped watermelon rind pickles, and I certainly wasn't gonna go buy a jar of storeboughts ... but since I had a jar of homemade watermelon rind pickles, I figured what the hell ~ how bad can they be. Friens, lemme be the first to told you ... these lil' morsels are very good ~ sweet and sour, with a generous dusting of fresh cracked black, wrapped in bacon & smoked ~ whooooboy, ain't no fancy city vittles! I also took one dem smoked pork butts, and about 5-6 links dat smoked sausage ... sliced it, and pulled it, and shredded it, and chopped it, and I don't know whut all ... and mixed it together to make some mighty-fine bbq fer sandwiches ~ portioned it into a buncha 10 ounce portions (just enough for 2 sandwiches) and froze them ... BBQ On Demand ... fast food, my way ~ gimme 2 BBQ McChez Combo Sandwiches, lickety split!!
Walter Trout ~ Blues Deluxe


~Mooney said...

10 oz for TWO sammies? seems to me thats about right for one perfect sized sammie all its own!

Chez said...

gluttony gluttony gluttony!!! lol