Monday, October 27, 2008

Scratch Cookin' ~ From Nothing...Something

So, this meal was built around a half pan of leftover cornbread ... had a lil' smoked fattie ... had a lil' celery & onion ... badda boom, cornbread dressing w/smoked fattie in it. A scan of the freezer turned up a package of rib tips and trimmings from a couple slabs of spareribs I'd cut down to St. Louis cut ... so I got a meat. Now, gotta have some kinda gravy to put on dat dressing ... so decided to make a shoepeg corn cream sauce & smother them ribs in dat (think smothered pork chops) ... done deal, let's git cookin' ~ love it when a good frugal meal comes together ... from nothing, something. Soul food ~ it's a bee-you-tiful thang. Slide Show <----click
Monica Taylor & Patrick Williams (The Farm Couple)
"Kansas City Southern"

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