Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple / Maple Syrup

The top picture shows the reduced apple cider syrup on the left, and the real maple syrup on the right. The pic below shows the two syrups combined. The apple cider syrup is delicious by itself, and I'm thinking about making some more of it & mixing it with some bbq sauce: Apple Cider BBQ Baby Backribs????

I like to make a pint of this syrup every fall, when the local fruit orchard (Rees Fruit Farm) starts making their fresh-pressed apple cider. The apple/maple syrup is made by reducing down about 2 quarts of apple cider to 1 cup of thick, sweet apple syrup ... then mixing it with an equal amount of real maple syrup. The resulting apple/maple syrup is very delicious, and besides being great on pancakes and waffles ... I love it in baked beans, in candied yams, on baked squash, brushed on grilled or smoked pork, as a baked ham glaze, etc.
Bob Childers ~ I Walk The Wire

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