Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fat Johnny's Butcher Shop

Did some butcherin' today ~ cut a choice grade strip loin that I'd been wet-aging for about 3 weeks ... 2/3 of it cut into these big beautiful KC Strip steaks above, and then I trimmed up the other 1/3 of that strip loin to make a nice sirloin roast to slice thin and make Italian beef combo sandwiches.

This is the strip loin roast, rubbed with EVOO and Italian herbs & spices ... will roast to medium & make a good au jus for the Italian beefs. After roasting, will chill overnight so I can slice it thin ... and reheat in the au jus.

I also cut up a couple whole pork butts today, for to grind & make some homemade Italian sausage ... gotta have Italian sausages for the Italian beef combos. I also saved all the trim and scraps from the beef strip loin, and will grind that into the Italian sausage also. While cutting up the pork butts to grind for sausage, I cut the sweet meat out of each butt & made these country-style bbq ribs ~ rubbed'em with Rib Stars rib rub, smoked'em with maple wood, and sauced'em with some dat good PeeDee River Swamp Sauce.

Nanci Griffith ~ Ten Degrees & Gettin' Colder

He was standing by the highway
With a sign that just said Mother
When he heard a driver coming
About a half a mile away
So he held the sign up higher
Where no decent soul could miss it
It was ten degrees or colder
Down by Boulder Dam that day

He was raised up in Milwaukee
Though he never was that famous
He was just a road musician
To the taverns he would go
Singing songs about the ramblin'
The lovin' girls and gamblin'
How the world fell on his shoulders
Back in Boulder, I don't know

And she told him she would take him
For a ride in the morning sun
Back in Boulder he had told her
I don't know when, I've had a better friend

It was out in Arizona
That he heard the lady listening
To each word that he was saying
To each line that he would write
So he sat down at her table
And they talked about the weather
98.6 and rising down by Boulder Dam that night


Now he's traded off his Martin
Though his troubles ain't over
His feet are almost frozen and the sun is sinking low
Won't you listen to me brother
If you ever loved your mother
Please pull off on the shoulder
If you're goin' Milwaukee way

It's ten degrees and getting colder down by Boulder Dam today

~~ Gordon Lightfoot


~Mooney said...

Looks like you are staying mighty busy. I have got a loaf of your beer bread in the over, and and am making chicken cacciatore for dinner. Then i gots to start the red beans soaking for Beans and rice with Andouille for tomorrows dinner. The smell o dat beer bread is making me crazy!!!!

Chez said...

sounds mighty good, podnah ... hope you like that cheesy beer bread. red beans and rice sounds real good ~ may hafta put that on the docket for next week. the weather is supposed to go to sit next week ~ beans/cornbread just the ticket!

~Mooney said...

Yeah, we been freezing hard every night here, and topping out in the low 50's, so the comfort food is in full force.

And DANG, that bread is good. Made it up just the way you wrote it down. 1/2 a bud light, and 1/2 a dog fish head for the beer. Been eating it the whole time the chicken cacciatore been cookin!

Chez said...

figured it might be a lil' colder up there ~ no hard freeze here yet, lows been down around 35* last few nights, highs in the 50s/60s ... that's all about to change ~ heard the weatherdude say mebbe a few flurries next week ... jeez, i ain't ready for that!

i love that cheesy beer bread, toasted for breakfast ... nice thick slice & into the toaster till nice and toasted ... buttered ... dang. lol

keep the home fires burnin'...