Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cheesy Beer Bread

Baked a loaf of cheesy beer bread yesterday, also chopped some homemade sun-dried tomatoes & added them to the dough ... made a delicious loaf of quick bread ~ went great with the pot roast I made for supper. They both smelled up the house real good, ah garrontee!
Mickey Newbury ~ Ramblin' Blues


~Mooney said...

That looks awesome. Baking bread is something i have never really gotten into much. Any chance you would share that there recipe?

Chez said...

i love fresh baked breads ... i bake all kinds of it. this cheese/beer bread is a quick bread ~ easy peasy to make. no yeast, no kneading ... just mix & bake. i used to bake hundreds of loaves of this cheese/beer bread every week - put it on salad bars at several restaurants where i was chef. shoot me an email, and i'll send you the recipe.