Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Whooptidoo

Mais, buncha my friens & I hauled off last year and had us a big whooptidoo party ... where we commenced to carryin' on all kinda drinkin' and eatin' and pickin' & sangin' and I don't know whut all. Somebody had one them newfangled digital picture-takin' machines & they took this picture of me early on, before I got drunk and fell into the pond. As I recall, I was deep fryin' shrimps for to make a buncha shrimp poboys ... and also fried up a bunch of fresh catfish, chicken and homemade onion rings. I got me one them big 30 quart electric deep fryers that I bought at the Home Depot ~ made quick work of all dat fryin, ah garrontee! Everybody had a big time at the whooptidoo. Nobody died.

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ƒ2ß said...

One thing you taught me is to never drink without a bobber.