Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monte Cristo Grilled Cheese

Well, the pantry is gettin' pretty damn bare ... quick scan 'bout suppertime last night turned up a few slices bread, a lil' dat good Tillamook cheddar, 1 egg, a few jalapenos and a half an onion ~ thought about making an omelette or mebbe some french toast, but ah din't have enough eggs to go dat route. And it hit me like a bolt from the blue ... Monte Cristo style grilled cheese, stuffed with thin slices of japs and them good sweet Texas 1015 onions. Ah cain't remember when I enjoyed a grilled cheese so much. BTW, that bbq sauce in the background is one of my all-time favorites ~ Dumplin' Valley ~ made and bottled by my good frien Norm Spradlen, down there in Florida. If you haven't tried this sauce, you need to dial up Norm (aka Captain Sauce) on that internet WWW thang, and gitcha a case ~ you'll be glad ya did.

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