Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blackened Bacon/Pimento Cheese Burger

Fresh ground sirloin burgers, blackened in the ol' cast iron skillet using some of my homemade blackening seasoning ~ topped with homemade pimento cheese, crisp bacon and red onions, on a soft cornmeal kaiser bun. I was in hamburger heaven.
Jon Rauhouse ~ Ballad Of The Black Chihuahua


Chet said...

Killer idea her pal.

BP said...

Man, that looks larrupin'.

I love pimento cheese burgers.

Chez said...

larrupin' ~ now there is a word i don't hear often! lol yep, you right ... the pimento cheese took dat blackened burger clean on up to the top shelf, ah garrontee!

Unknown said...

You know you have great food photos and really soulful recipes. Do you like pimento cheese? If so have you ever tried the kind where you melt the cheese and then put back in frig and it becomes like a spread? You could work some wonders with that on smoked turkey don't you think?

Chez said...

mais, mzlibby ... i recon dat pimento cheese be good on just about anything! i've never made the melted version ~ school me.

Unknown said...

If you have a moment, look at my site or just google
'epitome of comfort food pimento cheese' and my site with that article comes up which was dated February 21, 2009

I think you would enjoy putting your twist on it.