Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fat Johnny's Pizzeria

Made a homemade pizza last night, fer snackins during the NCAA Championship game ~ 2 kinds of homemade sausage, pepperoni, 2 kinds of cheese, green peppers, green onions, black olives, anchovies, red pepper flakes. Now, I'm not gonna say dat I'm a tarheel fan ... but I've been following the Hansbrough story for several years ~ he's an amazing kid, er I mean man ... he's an amazing MAN.
George Harmonica Smith ~ Last Night


~Mooney said...

I was never much of an NC fan till i needed them winning the game to score a 4th place finish on my bracket. I was sure cheering load for them Monday. So was my wallet!!

Chez said...

congrats on hittin' the jackpot, mooney ... i had pitt to win it all ~ needless to say, dat din't work out too well. (g)

Chet said...

don't ya just love pizzer wid the hairy little feesh on it. I can't hardly eat a pizzer without em.

Chez said...

yeah, i put dem lil' hairy feesh in all kinda thangs ... italian meatballs, bolognese sauce, pasta salads, etc. most the time i don't tell nobody they's in there, though. what they don't know don't hurt'em.