Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let An Old Racehorse Run

Del McCoury Band ~ Let An Old Racehorse Run

You know I don’t do you wrong girl
When I go out sometimes
I’m just looking for answers
I know I ain’t gonna find
I just feel like I’m drowning
In this whole crazy scene
I don’t want my freedom
Just a run now and then

Let an old racehorse run
Let him open his stride
Feel the wind in his mane again
See the pride in his eyes
Let him bring back old memories
Of the races he’s won
There’s a freedom that flows
Way down in his soul
Let an old racehorse run

You know I do love you woman
But I swear there are times
When I’m watching the years slip away
Down that assembly line
I’ve been on for the money
I’ve got nothing to show
I gotta get out in the wind
Every now and then and get out of control

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