Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cornbread & Butterbeans

Hot out the oven ~ skillet cornbread, baked in the ol' black iron schmeared wit bacon grease.

Let's eat!! (BTW, dat dark stain in the middle the cornbread is where the bacon grease pooled & baked into the bread. I think I'll cut dat part out and eat it for dessert!!)

Sunday vittles ~ butterbeans & hambone done, will bake some skillet cornbread at halftime of the Chiefies game. Hot cornbread wit a schmear of sweet butter & drizzled wit a lil' dat good Steen's molasses ... sided up wit a big ol' bowl of butterbeans & ham ... whooooboy, country boys can survive!! Go Chiefies!!


Anonymous said...

It was such a nice weekend that I seasoned up 3 cast iron skillets and my 14 inch deep duth oven. Had cornbread on my mind when doin those skillets.

Hope mine turns out as good as yours.

Anonymous said...
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Chez said...

kenny, my old griswold black iron skillet is over 100 years old - got a sheen on it you wouldn't bleeve. it gonna be a while before them new skillets of yours will cook like mine ~ git back to me in about a hunnerd years or so. (g)

Anonymous said...

I will get back with ya, but you have to answer back. double grin