Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Hank Sr. Tune Discovered

Jennifer Brantley doing the new uncovered Hank Williams Sr and Glenn Douglas Tubb co-written song, "Heartbroken, Forsaken and Alone" Audrey Williams found the lyrics in an old notebook Hank left after he died.


~Mooney said...

That's a pretty darn cool find if you ask me. i would sure like to see Hank Williams III put this on his next album. He is much more like his Grandfather Hank Sr than Hank Jr ever was, musically.

Chez said...

i haven't heard much h3, mooney ... heard him 5-6 years ago & didn't care for his music ~ may hafta give him another listen.

~Mooney said...

He does tend to be a little over the top. In a lot of ways, he is too today's country what Hank Sr was to Country back in the day. Outside the box, a little rough around the edges, liked his booze and pills too much, and never gave a care to what others thought.

Beyond that, I like the steel guitar, honky tonk beat, wailing voice, but with a little extra electric volume on the side.