Friday, February 12, 2010

Sloppy Boudreaux

After cutting up about 7# of top sirloin into steaks & lean chunks for stroganoff, etc ... I ground all the trim & made this Sloppy Boudreaux. Fresh, coarse ground top sirloin ~ good stuff.

Sloppy Boudreaux ~ kicked up with Cajun Power garlic sauce, creole mustard, onions/peppers, Wooster sauce, lil' cayenne ... whooooboy, gonna slap it on a poboy bun & dress it up real good: Sloppy Boudreaux PoBoy ~ it's what's fer supper.


Big Dude said...

You've posted three great looking meals before I got around to commenting on them. I'd like some sloppy Boudreaux, but can't get the wife interested - guess she had a bad sloppy joe experince sometime

Chez said...

lol ~ mebbe serve up some dat sloppy boudreaux on a fancy croissant ... would the missus go for it then? i'm gonna do it on a poboy bun, dressed to the max. it ain't gonna be pretty!

Losferwords said...

Use a little fresh Ground Cumin and some cilantro, some sharp cheddar cheese and put this on a french bread bun!
TEX-MEX Sammich. Whooo-weee!
Dat would be good!