Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pan Seared Peppercorn Steak (Top Sirloin)

Mais, I think them Froggie cooks call this Steak Au Poivre ~ call it what you want, it's a top sirloin steak simply seasoned with kosher salt & cracked black ... then pan-seared medrare & served up atop a bed of caramelized sweet red onions & garlic. Gonna have this wit dat pigskin tater ... cain't decide which one is the center plate entree & which one is the side dish?

Meat & Taters ... it's what's fer supper!!


Noel said...

Damn it!!! It all looks so good and the tater idea? Far out, I must try it. Thanks for sharing!

Big Dude said...

That steak and tater is some serious eats - I really like the bacon wrapped tater idea