Thursday, February 11, 2010

O My Malissa ~ Laurie Lewis

O My Malissa
Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands

J.B. Monroe is my name
And I'm here to make a stand
Before the summer starts to wane
I'll win your heart and hand

My daddy says you are too poor
Just a sharecropper's daughter
But just to hear you draw that bow
I'd brave the rushing waters

O my Malissa
Come fiddle me a tune
And I will swim to you
By the light of the moon

Your hair pulled back with apiece of twine
You couldn't be more entrancin'
Even if you were decked in ribbons fine
Ah, you set my soul a-dancin'


Your brother Pen can fiddle rings
'Round any here or after
But underneath your little fingers
Sounds love and laughter

Oh, won't you come and live with me
Be my one and only
We'll raise a big old family
You'll never be lonely

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