Sunday, March 7, 2010

Biscuits & Gravy ~ My Way

Sunday breakfast on da bayou ~ pan fried chicken breasts on scratch buttermilk catheads, smothered with pan gravy & topped with crispy chicken skin cracklins.


Big Dude said...

By Jove - I think I like it your way - that looks awesome.

john duncan said...

Biscuits & gravy. I am not exactly a breakfast person but when I do, this is one dish I like- with a side of sausage links. Better yet, the sausage gravy works like a charm over hash browns or its Swiss counterpart, Rosti.

David said...

Fat Johnny... Big Dude sent me over your way. Glad he did. Dang, this biscuit and gravy construction looks mighty good! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave