Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fear The Beard, Baybee!!



Big Dude said...

I've noticed you've been pretty quiet about B'all since Kansas lost. I'm watching the K'State game as I type. Both of my teams (UT and WVU) are still in it but I'm doubtful WVU can get past Kentucky, but UT could make it to the final four. At any rate there have been some good games to watch.

Chez said...

yeh, i'm a jayhawk fan first and foremost ... but i also follow the kstate wildcats. things are not exactly going well this first half ~ sheesh, i haven't seen them play this bad all year. looks like my baseball season may begin tomorrow....(g)

Stacia said...

I'm not a Wildcat fan, but I did feel bad when they lost. Everyone in the restaurant we were at looked so sad.