Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Man Of Steel

What ... you think a 60 yr. old man cain't have a comic book collection? I've been a big Superman fan for over 40 years, bought my first of many Superman comic books at the aforementioned Woods Drugstore in my hometown of Onaga, Kansas in the 60s ... and have collected more than a hundred of them over the years, buying my most recent ones in the early 90s when the *Death Of Superman* trilogy came out. I also collected underground comics back in the 70s ~ mostly R. Crumb comics: Mr. Natural, Fritz The Cat, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Eggs Ackley, Sugarplum, etc. Keep on truckin', baybee!!
Fats Domino ~ Blueberry Hill


Rawtalent said...

Never bought a single comic when I was a kid. The lady next door worked for Woolworth's and every month when the new comics came in she would bring home the leftovers to be passed around the neighborhood. I'm sure some real collecibles were in the mix but the store manager had torn off the top third of the cover so they couldn't be resold.

BlueMule said...

I think if my son saw your collection his head would explode! I was never into comics, but my boy just loves'em!

Great pictures of the soda fountain, by the way.