Monday, March 22, 2010

Woods Drugstore Soda Fountain

This is an actual pic of the soda fountain in Woods Drugstore - circa mid-60s ... I drank many a sody pop & malted milkshake while sitting at this counter. My favorite stool was the one on the far end, because it was closest to the comic book rack. There were also several booths in the drugstore, and the booths had very high backs so we could git our sodas at the counter, then go sit in a booth and *hide* from old Joe Woods so we could read his comic books without having to buy them.
Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs ~ Sugar Shack

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Pat said...

My dad was a pharmacist who graduated from pharmacy school in the mid 1930's. As a pharmacy intern, he worked in a drug store that had a fountain, and had to be proficient in both pharmaceutical things and soda making. One of his specialties was an NY egg cream. When I was a kid, he had one of those seltzer makers that you filled with water and then screwed a CO2 cartridge into to create pressurized soda water. He's make me egg creams, phosphates -- you name it. Some things you never forget! Thanks for jogging the memory.