Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bitter Orange Pork Chops

Bitter orange marinated pork chops, broiled & set atop chimichurri/parmesan rice pilaf

Napped with caramelized pearl onions in a brown gastrique

Chops gettin happy in the orange marinade

Plated up wit some green beans

Chimichurri/Parmesan Rice


Joy Tilton said...

so that's what I do with that marinade in the mexican aisle! Pk out!

Kansas Scout said...

My God, my salivary glands go apeshit when I read your blog! Looks SOOO good. I am going to start trying to do some of these dishes.

Chez said...

i just make it up as i go, scout ~ ain't no rhyme nor reason to it ... just go into the kitchen and start banging on the pots & pans. it's usually edible.