Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Homemade Hill Country Jalapeno Sausage

This is some of my homemade sausage that I smoked the other day ~ 60/40 pork butt to beef chuck with lotsa good seasonings and jalapenos, stuffed into 28/32mm natural hog gut casings & smoked over pecan wood.

Chunked, piled on bun and drizzled with Arthur Bryants Original

Yeh Baby ~ this ain't no sissy sandwich!


Anonymous said...

Awesome sausage... Chezzz.. have you ever make the "crabmeat vermillion" recipe in the Cajun Folse book you turned me on to... if so is that really just plain old corn flakes you use in the recipe? have you ever made it. I'm attempting it this weekend and wanted to check with my Cajun captain here ;) Thanks! Frank

Chez said...

hi frank, i'm not familiar with that recipe ... but it's not unusual to use corn flakes in a recipe. if chef folse does it, you can take it to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much from your #1 NJ Fan! U Rock! I'll just give it a shot. I'm sure it will be delish.. I'm doing that and the Chicken Bayou Lafourche with Andouille Tarragon Cream for my Gourmet club... yumm that book is the real deal.

Chez said...

well aw'rite ~ those dishes sound good. good luck. john folse is a very traditional cajun cook, not fancy but his recipes are seeped in tradition & they are solid. glad you like the book.