Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beans Beans, Good For The Heart....

Charbroiled hamburger steak, grilled onions, homemade shoestring fries & baked beans.

Now, I like good thick baked beans ... and I ain't above makin' them with canned pork'n'beans ~ but there just ain't no comparison to makin'em from scratch by soakin' dried beans overnight. This time, I elected to split the mother pot 2 ways after simmerin' dem beans tender & made 2 kinda beans ... sweet boston baked beans, and savory/spicy cowboy beans. Beans is good groceries, ah garrontee. Slide show <---click


Joy Tilton said...

You are killing me with the slideshow thing (esp. the beans two ways one) and then no recipe. I need a recipe!

Chez said...

well joy, i'd be happy to give you my recipe ... if i had one. i don't generally follow any recipes when i'm cooking, i just start throwing stuff together & hope for the best. sorry.