Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fire In The Hole!

A couple quick breakfast burritos, before firing up a pre-dawn smoker this chilly Sunday morning ~ mixed grill today ... whole pork tenderloin, whole turkey tenderloin, a homemade venison/pork fattie, a coil of homemade Texas hot jalapeno sausage, some big links of homemade chorizo and some chicken thighs. Gonna use a mix of maple and applewood today.


Anonymous said...


I never smoked a pork tenderloin (other than for "bacon"). ... what temperature did you take it to... how bout the turkey 'loin" any temp on that as well?

Thanks as always!!!


Chez said...

i took the pork tenderloins to 145* and the turkey tenderloins to 160*

Anonymous said...

thanks Chez... enjoy the Tourney!!!