Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beef Burrito Combo Platter

Mais ... I had my mouth all set to make a big pot of dat catfish courtbouillon yestiddy, and then I found out one my diners dat was comin' over fer supper din't like fish. So, ah switched oars in midstream & hauled off and made some Mexican food ~ shredded beef adobo burritos topped with shredded lettuce, sour cream and black olives ... sided up with some scratch pintos topped with dat good Tillamook cheddar, and some red Mexican rice. Was mighty-fine good grindin' on a cold, snowy night.


Joy Tilton said...

It's snowy here today so I've got a pot of beans on and doing a mexican style chuck that will be brisket tacos. Would LOVE to have these recipes, you are some kind of cook!

Chez said...

Hi Joy ~ snowy days are good for spicy Mexican food! I make the beef adobo with chuck roasts ... like to smoke them for a couple hours first, then throw them in a dutch oven & pour some homemade adobo sauce over them, lid on and put in the oven for a couple hours to braise tender ... then shred. I think I did write down my recipe for homemade adobo sauce, so if you want it email me and I'll send it to you. The beans in that pic are just some them pintos I made last week ... when I make a pot of them I usually freeze a couple pints of them. The red Mexican rice is just raw long grain rice, cooked in V-8 juice & salsa. I bleeve my ratio was 1.5 cup V-8, 1/4 cup salsa and 1/4 cup water (total of 2 cups liquid) and 1 cup rice, seasonings.

Jake Ten Pas said...

If we ever make it to Louisiana, we're hunting you down. Not only do we like the looks of your ample grubbage, but we dig your voice. And so it is with great excitement that we tell you that you've made our Post of the Day for the second time. Stop by, check it out, and keep these big, bold, beautiful meals coming.
Jake Ten Pas
Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

Chez said...

Well aw'rite ... thanks Jake, I appreciate the nod. I'm a retired professional chef ... native Kansan, but cooked in Louisiana for many years ... now living in topeka, Kansas. As you know, I'm a big fan of the Tillamook cheeses ... always have some of the sharp white cheddar and the medium cheddar in my fridge - I cook with it often, and always mention it by name when I blog about it. Tillamook and Maytag get a good chunk of my grocery money every month!! Bon Appetito.

Anonymous said...
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