Friday, March 20, 2009

Open-Faced Reuben Melt

Homemade tri-tip corned beef, Emmenthaler and Baby Swiss cheeses, Pumpernickle rye, Bavarian kraut and a lil' Russian dressing. Slide show <---click


Joy Tilton said...

I just hopped over here from Libby's twirlandtaste, I cannot wait to show my husband this blog! I told him, there are blogs that YOU would like too but he is thinking it all about decorating and food preparation. He likes to eat ok, he will LOVE this blog. And I'm so doing the reubens tomorrow night!
Come for a visit to

Chez said...
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Chez said...

Hi Joy ~ thanks for stopping by ... you have a beautiful blog, too. I'm a retired professional Chef ~ always happy to answer any food questions folks might have. I have friends in NW Arkansas, too ... one lives on Beaver Lake, and the other one lives in Rogers. I get down to Rogers every couple years, or so. Used to canoe the Buffalo River when I was younger ~ big Jimmy Driftwood fan.