Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bubba The Baptist

Bubba the Baptist, who was livin' in a Roman Catholic neighborhood in N’Orleans, was driving his neighbors crazy during Lent. As y’all know, Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Every Friday Bubba would fire up his grill and grill him up a big hunka steak. The smell of dat steak grillin' would drive his neighbors up the wall. Well, they all got together and discussed the problem with their parish priest and it was decided to try to get Bubba to convert to Catholicism.

Well now, the priest and his neighbors all talked to Bubba and he was agreeable to become a convert to Catholicism. The priest got out his bottle of holy water and sprinkled some on Bubba and recited the words “Baptist you were born, Baptist you were raised but now Catholic you have now become.” He then put away the holy water and they all has 3 or 2 beers to celebrate.

The next Friday, there was the sweet scent of grillin' beef steak wafting over the neighborhood, coming from Bubba’s yard. The neighbors collected their priest and went over to talk to Bubba. They walked in on Bubba just as he was sprinklin' holy water on the steak and reciting “Cow you were born, cow you were raised but now catfish you have become.”

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