Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

What? Like you wouldn't eat a big ol' plate of this, if I set it in front of you!! LOL This was really good ~ I saw Paula Dean do it on teevee, so I hadda try it. Slide show <---click
Iris DeMent ~ Big City


Anonymous said...

MAN O'LIVE! Good lookin' Vittles John! I first had this at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington, Va. Good Stuff! Thanks for sharing!


Chez said...

well aw'rite ~ eat all ya want, podnah ... i'll make more!

Anonymous said...

What's in them there breadcrumbs? maybe a little if your crushed chips... or crushed fried onions?

You always have a little twist on the love....

I might try folding in some fried chicken in with the mac-n-cheese before it solidifies... then bread and fry. Then dip in 1/2 home made blue cheese dip 1/2 hot sauce mixed!

Damn.. see the power you have CHEZ!

Chez said...

yeah, my breading was a mix of flour and crushed pringles bbq potato chips. also had a pretty good jolt of hot sauce in my egg wash. first just dredge cold mac/che in seasoned flour ... then the egg wash ... then the flour/crushed chips. i love your idea of folding in some chicken onto the mac/che ... mebbe throw some crumbled bleu cheese into the mac/che at the same time you throw the chicken in? git'er done.