Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guy And Mae's Ribs

Here's a pic of a slab of spareribs from Guy & Mae's Tavern in Williamsburg, KS ~ they serve between 1,200 - 1,500 slabs of them a week, wrapped in foil with a couple slices of white bread ... on a newspaper. Very tender and great hickory flavor ~ sauce is always served on the side ~ homemade, thin & very piquant. Good stuff.


Joy Tilton said...

We used to have a great BBQ here called BBQ and Brew, simple menu with BBQ, 2 salads (you know the ones),bread, pickle and onion...and the brew. We have lots of restaurants now but still miss BBQ and Brew! Thanks for coming to my blog. We live just outside Rogers on Prairie Creek Cove of Beaver Lake. Country but only about 5 min. to town. Perfect for a couple who get hankering for BBQ!

Doug Worgul said...

Thanks for documenting and revering our native cuisine, John.

(Excellent Web site, Brother. Way cool.)

Mendy said...

We've eaten at Guy and Mae's many times. Every time they have served excellent ribs!