Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Blanch ~ Twice Fried

Fresh cut Idaho Russett fries ~ blanched in hot oil and dusted with a lil' cajun seasoning. Will fry them again this evening, to side up a fried catfish poboy ~ dressed with some kicked-up tartar sauce (remoulade fer you cajuns) made with some mah good buddy RT's homemade lemondrop hot sauce.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brotherman,
What you put in that tartar sauce?

Chez said...

well, i had a lil' roasted red pepper leftover from the pimento cheese i made ... so i diced it real good & added it to some mayo along with:

real mayo
diced roasted red pepper
diced green olives
diced sweet texas 1015 onion
chopped fresh celery leaves
lil' diced dill pickle
splash of rt's lemondrop hot sauce
cracked black pepper
lil' fresh lemon zest

Anonymous said...

I been making it with mayo and sour creme and dill pickle relish. just kinda lacks somthing. Thanks mucho. Edder