Monday, April 13, 2009

It's A Southern Thang

This is a traditional side dish on my family's Easter dinner table ~ creamed peas & new potatoes with pearl onions and good fresh shredded parmesan cheese.

Nothing traditional about this (at least not in my family) ... but I love the stuff and so I hauled off yesterday & made some ~ pimento cheese spread ~ it's a southern thang.
Gordon Lightfoot ~ Farewell To Annabel


Unknown said...

Oh my chef your casserole looks like pure southern bliss. Have you ever cooked new potatoes, english peas, pearl onions and dumplings? That's good stuff too.

If some of these wanna be cooks discovered your recipes, they'd be in heaven.
Happy Twirls

Chez said...

cain't say that i've ever heard of dumplins in creamed peas & taters ... but it does sound good. been a while since i made scratch dumplins ~ might hafta go git me a chicken tomorrow...(g)