Friday, April 10, 2009

Kaw-Cajun Grits & Grillades

Grillades made with tri-tip, braised tender in onion gravy with lotsa onions, garlic and mustard greens, etc. Served up on a pilaf of creamy, cheesy grits. $3 worth of groceries never tasted so good, ah garrontee. Slide show <---click
John Dee Holeman ~ Big Boss Man


Joy Tilton said...

I did a post awhile back about when we first married and I had $1 "rule" for buying packages of meat..that was 1970 and it was do-able then. The fact that you can do a $3 meal that good should make you President. Have you thought about running???

Chez said...

yep ... $2.95 worth of meat, and a nickle's worth of grits!

Chez said...

btw, i love your *nostalgic* posts on your blog. your comment about $1 meat rule reminds me of the lil' hometown grocery store in the town where i grew up ... walt's market ... walt was the owner/butcher. everything was cut to order ... even the boloney was sliced to order.