Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meat And Three

Pan fried chicken tenders dunked in Arthur Bryant's Original bbq sauce, savory corn stuffing topped with morel gravy, red beans & ham, cooked cabbage & carrots splashed wit a lil' hot pepper vinegar. Whooooboy, talk about some mighty fine grindin' ~ that's how us southern boys roll.

Fresh cabbage and carrots ... cooked tender & splashed with a lil' hot pepper vinegar, butter & some salt and cracked black pepper.
Hazel Dickens ~ West Virginia, My Home


Rawtalent said...

WHOABOY!! What a meal! Morel gravy?? NICE touch!

John said...

Fresh cabbage and carrots..... toss in a couple of neck bones and you got yourself something there.

Chez said...

yeah buddy ... and then boil the bejesus out of it!! ain't no fancy city vittles.

Spradlen Family News said...

John You sure have a way of putting things together,, Some good looking Vittles.