Sunday, July 25, 2010

And Now ... The Rest Of The Story

Homegrown cantalope and tomatoes, scratch biscuits w/bacon gravy, hot link sausage, farm fresh egg/cheese omelette topped with sautee'd peppers and onions. A proper plowboy's breakfast, tru dat.

Y'all surely din't think dat lil' biscuit and jelly was all I had for breakfast, didja? HUHHHH???? Appropo to the homegrown tomatoes & gravy ... when I was a kid, my ol' Daddy, him, would always put a lil' gravy on his sliced 'maters when both were available. I didn't get it then ~ it sounded awful to a kid ~ but now, I totally get it! At least once every summer, when tomatoes are in season, I drag my sliced 'maters thru some gravy. Pops, you were right all along ... and I ain't just talking about 'maters & gravy, either.
Be Good Tanyas
What Are They Doing In Heaven Today


Big Dude said...

I knew you ate more than the one biscuit and jam, but I just figured you ate the plate full - the reality was an impressive meal.

Anonymous said...

Our ol jo-boat hit a fork in the crick. We got out to take a wizz. When we zipped up and returnd to dippn minnows, Johnny went down one fork, I the other. We "fishd" that ol crick pert near 15+ years. Got almighty damn, that ol hardhead,stubborn,Kansa hick, most probably the best man I yet ever did meet. I was born with some of dem bad defects of character just described and the other ones I got, Big John taught me. Any deposit you make in cultivatin a kinship with Fat Johnny will reap you a harvest tenfold. Ainta many days that spin by I don't reflect on my fortune of sharn time on Big Johns porch. I feel blest to cross your considerable path again Big John. I hope yer creel is full of big ol Sac-a-lait and your trusty, big blackened iron skillet is still in the cupboard. Maybe them crick branches meet back up again, say?


Chez said...

old outlaws ride down different trails fer good reason, busta ... and smart ones don't backtrack. ghosts from the past is best left in the past. fair winds & smooth sailin'

Anonymous said...

I guess that ol' leftover "dish" is best served cold and not reheated. You're the chef, and as such, you've always known you were gonna serve that 'naga way. Only the best to you.