Thursday, July 1, 2010

BBQ Baked Black Beans & Meatloaf

Black beans ... bbq baked black beans ... spun up with a Caribbean flair. Very tasty, mon.

Was gonna go to the grill with this fresh ground sirloin ... big burgers ... but business got in the way of pleasure, and I ended up making meatloaf instead of burgers. No worries mon, I love meatloaf ~ especially cold meatloaf sandwiches, yeh.

Lunch did not suck. Is there anything better than the end pieces of a meatloaf?? I always make 2 smaller meatloafs rather than one big one ... datta way I got 4 end pieces instead of 2. My mama din't raise no fool. When I was growin' up, my dad and I used to hafta arm-rassle to see who got the end pieces of Mom's meatloaf. I think I musta been around 16-15 years old before I finally beat Dad in arm-rasslin' & got me dat meatloaf end piece!!


Anonymous said...


What did you do (add) to the beans to give them the "Caribbean flair"?

I am glad you are back in the photography business. Good stuff!


Chez said...

basically just normal baked bean fixins, wit the addition of a few secret spices (jerk seasoning) and a healthy snort of pickapeppa sauce