Friday, July 16, 2010

Perrydize Relish

Fixins for the homemade relish ~ from NoBob & Lil' Missy's garden in Perrydize ... bigassed English cukes, red bell peppers, sweet Bermuda onion, etc.

Also ground some green bell pepper and a few green tomatoes into the relish mix ~ shown here in the ice-water brine.

Finished relish ~ cooked in a cider vinegar/brown sugar syrup wit a lil' tumeric added for color, mustard & celery seeds. Great relish for this fall football game tailgatin' burgers & hot dogs/brats. Total cost to make 3 quarts of great condiment ... about $4 ... cheaper than Wal-Mart, eh?

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Anonymous said...


That looks so good. Your basic recipe reminds me so much of Chow Chow, which we really enjoy.

The only bad thing about this stuff is that during the middle of winter, after a few hot dogs and hamburgers, you can run out of the relish and there's not anything quite like it. Good eats!