Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sometimes A Booga Ain't Just A Booga

Bleu Booga on toasted bun, wit red onion, sliced homegrown tomatoes & Burgers Smokehouse bacon. No catsup.


Anonymous said...


What is your conclusion about the blue cheese burgers? Would you do them again? Any changes?

They do look good, as does the salad off to the side.

Keep the skillet hot!


Chez said...

that's not a salad off to the side, it's a jar of homemade icewater dill pickles. the boogas were outstanding - only thing i'd do different next time is make them bigger & make more of them!

Anonymous said...

"... make them bigger and more of them!"

~ Laughs ~

Mr. Eddy, you are killing us with the stuff that you make. Love it!

Keep the skillet hot, Chez!