Saturday, July 3, 2010

On The Road To Perrydize

This is where I'm headed today ~ to spend the afternoon with some friends ... far from the maddening crowd

This is my buddy, NoBob ... standin' on the dam of his pond out at Perrydize Lodge & Wildlife Conservatory

Dusty road to Perrydize


Anonymous said...

John, I could not resist after seeing the picture of that road to Perrydize. Hope you do not mind?

Dusty Road to Perrydize

When life seems so hurried and weary,
I think of my friends so far and near,
The ones that I hold firm and dear,
For it gives me pause to realize,
That I need to occasionally travel
Down that Dusty Road to Perrydize,

As I look forward to my journey,
A time to release my cares and woes
For the pleasant company of friends close.
For in reality it is a trip wonderful wise
That I always cherish to travel,
Down that Dusty Road to Perrydize


Chez said...

that's good len - did you write that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did write it. Reading your comments about the pictures and seeing that last picture of the dusty road made me stop and think about doing something. What you see is the result of your inspiration.

Chez said...

well, nice job ... it's a nice little piece of writing. i'll share it with my friends who live out there. thanks.