Saturday, July 31, 2010

Twice Baked Kaw-Cajun Tater Wedges

Bigassed Idaho tater, scrubbed and rubbed wit bacon grease & dusted real good wit my top secret Kaw-Cajun tater seasoning.

Baked 3/4 way, hot and nasty 425* ~ then immediately out the oven cut into wedges while they still piping hot (there's a reason for dat, but don't ask me because dat's a secret too ... and iffin' you do know why, don't be tellin' nobody else they all be doing it.)

After par-bakin'em & wedgin'em ... drag'em thru the bacon fat again and give them another shot of dat tater seasoning. Now they ready for the 2nd bakin' to git all nice & golden brown and crispy, yeh. Thinkin' these might be good wit dem big bleu ronbeaux boogas.

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