Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Ol' Honkin' Manwich

I scored some more homegrown tomatoes this morning, and you know what that means ... it's big ol' honkin' manwich time, baybee!! Jewish rye, country dijon, romaine lettuce, genoa salami, honey ham, pepperoni, tillamook cheddar, thick sliced homegrown tomatoes, creamy cole slaw & red onions ... badda boom ... lunch is served.


Anonymous said...

My God. I am so hungry now. How did I get to this blog? Oh yeah. From aluckydoglife and then Food & Fire. BIIG mistake. I am going out to pick me a mess a tomatoes and peppers and greens and use up all the cold cuts in the fridge for a Big Ol' Honkin' Womanwich. I've been on this damn diet long enough.

Chez said...

lol ... diet? we don't need no steenkin' diets ... enjoy that big ol' honkin' womanwich!