Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Defying All Logic

Fresh ground chuck burgers ~ homemade chili.

Yeah, it tasted as good as it looks.

Sometimes you just gotta fight fire with fire. It's been hotter'n blue blazes here last few days, temps over 100* with heat index in the 110* range & humidity thru the roof ~ not exactly ideal weather for an ol' fat guy. I been whining about the weather like everyone else, but today I decided to cowboyup and meet it head on. Or ... mebbe it's just plain stupidity, call it what you will ~ went to the groceria and came home wit all the fixins to make a big ol' batch of 5-alarm chili con carne ... AND ... makins for a bunch of big fat burgers for the grill. What's illogical (stupid) about that, you ask? It's 100 degrees outside, dat's what!!


Rawtalent said...

Nothin wrong with a spicy chili sweat on a hot day---long as the beer's cold!

BP said...

Nothing wrong with a chili cheeseburger ever!

Chris said...

Those chili burgers rock. I'm just going to scrounge through your fridge and see if you have any leftovers, k?