Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Grab Bag

Made this killer pasta salad today ~ good hot weather grub. Also made a cucumber & onion salad, some baked beans, several quarts of homemade half sour dill chunks ... and also pan fried 2 whole chickens. Cold fried chicken and lotsa salads & pickles ... that should get me thru this heat wave we're having.

My buddy, CowboyUp Eric, brought me these hot sauces ~ he just returned from a vacation in Mexico - think mebbe I'll make some kicked-up chicken wings today.


Chris said...

Pasta looks freaking to die for! Nice job.

cowgirl said...

Looks fantastic Chez...great idea too.
Hope the heat doesn't get ya!

Chez said...

cowgirl, you got any idea how hard it was for this ol' country cook to NOT make chicken gravy wit dem chicken drippins? huhhhh?? mais, makin' pan fried chicken and not having mashed potatoes & gravy is pretty much sacrilege in my neck the woods. my saving grace is dat i went ahead and made my roux wit dat chicken grease ... and put dat roux in the fridge, fer makin' chicken gravy to go on some fresh baked biscuits next week. lol keep it country, cher.

cowgirl said...

lol Chez, I can fully understand that! Good going on the roux, bet it's going to be tasty next week. :)

I just finished throwing together my pasta salad and some cowboy caviar. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Chez said...

well aw'rite, i guess i better git on over to yer blog and see what you got cookin' ... you threw a powerful ahnvee on me the other day, wit them smoked ribeyes, ah garrontee.